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You can downloadd latest eskimo Community Edition releases from hereunder:


Eskimo 0.3.0 CE -
binary tar.gz archive

Pre-buit ready to use package of Eskimo 0.3.0.
tar.gz format


Download tarball

Eskimo 0.3.0 CE -
binary ZIP archive

Pre-buit ready to use package of Eskimo 0.3.0.
ZIP format


Download ZIP file

Eskimo 0.3.0 CE -
Demo VM

A Virtual Machine export (OVA format) with Eskimo alon all managed services (spark. flink, zeppelin, etc.).


Download DemoVM

Eskimo Community Edition RELEASE NOTES

See Eskimo Community Edition Release Notes

Eskimo Community Edition vs. Eskimo Enterprise Edition

The following table compares Eskimo Community Edition and Eskimo Enterprise Edition Feature Sets

Feature Community
Setup of the cluster and installation of services X X
Supporting Red Hat-based and Debian-based Linux nodes X X
Supporting single node deployments or clusters of hundreds of nodes X X
Prepackaged and effective distributions of docker containers and systemd configurations for supported services and UI applications (see below) X X
Automatic installation and setup of packaged services: ntp, gluster, mesos, kafka, spark, flink, elasticsearch, logstash X X
Automatic installation, setup and embedding of UI services : Kibana, Grafana, Gdash, Mesos Console, Kafka Manager, Spark History, Cerebro, Zeppelin X X
Service customization and extension with service development framework X X
Management of services and Abstraction of Localization (easy moving) X X
Monitoring of services and cluster status X X
Web-based Administration Terminals (SSH Console) X X
Web-based Cluster File Management (SFTP) X X
Documentation and guides X X
Automatic repair and automatic recovery on service failure, node failure, etc. Partial Full
Settings management for services Basic Advanced
High Availability for service masters and UI services Partial Full
Backup and restore functions X
Encryption (security feature : data encryption and intra-cluster communications encryption) X
User management and user impersonation when accessing services through Eskimo X
File Editor integrated in File Manager X
Processing Workflows and Job Scheduling X
Support X

Eskimo Enterprise Edition

Unleash full power of Eskimo Big Data Platform by switching to the Enterprise Edition


Get Eskimo Enterprise Edition

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