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Eskimo - A new generation Big Data Platform

Big Data Web Console to build, manage and operate Big Data 2.0 clusters using Docker, SystemD and Mesos

Eskimo is available as an open-source Community Edition (or Eskimo CE) under the terms of the Affero GPL license or a commercial Enterprise Edition. See download page for more information on eskimo versions.

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Eskimo is ...

... in a certain way the Operating System of your Big Data Cluster :

an Administration Application aimed at drastically simplifying the deployment, administration and operation of your Big Data Cluster,

a state of the art Big Data 2.0 platform based on Docker, Mesos and Systemd and packaging Gluster, Spark, Kafka, ElasticSearch with all the required tools and consoles to manage them such as Cerebro, Kibana, Zeppelin, Kafka-Manager, Grafana and Prometheus

a collection of ready to use docker containers packaging fine-tuned and highly customized plug and play services,

a framework for building and deploying Big Data and NoSQL services based on docker.

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Eskimo Nodes Config

Eskimo Key Features

Abstraction of localization

Just define where you want to run which services and let eskimo take care of everything.

Move services between nodes or install new services in just a few clicks.

Don’t bother remembering where you installed Web consoles and UI applications, Eskimo wraps them all in a single UI.

Eskimo Key feature : Localization
Eskimo Key feature : Web Consoles

Eskimo Web Console

Eskimo’s tip of the iceberg is its flagship web console.

The Eskimo Console is the single and entry point to all your cluster operations, from services installation to accessing Kibana, Zeppelin and other UI applications.

The Eskimo Console also provides SSH consoles and File browser access to your cluster.

Services Framework

Eskimo is a Big Data Components service development and integration framework based on Docker and Systemd.

Eskimo provides out of the box ready-to use components such as Spark, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Mesos, Zeppelin, etc.

Eskimo also enables the user to develop his own services very easily

Eskimo Key feature : Service Framework

Eskimo Web console - Big Data User Experience

Eskimo packages the required monitoring, administration and notebook applications and consoles for you and makes them available in its own User Interface.

Why Eskimo ?

Eskimo Big Data

Big Data 2.0

In contrary to popular Hadoop-based and other Big Data Platforms, Eskimo is based on cutting-edge technologies:

- GlusterFS instead of HDFS
- Spark instead of Hive and Pig
- Mesos instead of Yarn
- Docker instead of not native deployment
- ElasticSearch instead of not HBase
- Flink instead of not Storm
- Plus Zeppelin, Kibana, Logstash, etc.

Eskimo Universal

One ring to Rule them all

Making gluster, elasticsearch, kafka, spark, zeppelin, etc. all work perfectly together is all but simple.

Eskimo takes care of everything and fine tunes all these services to make them understand each other and work together.

Eskimo enables you one-click administration of all of them, moving services, provisioning nodes, etc.

Yet it's open : open-source and built on standards

Eskimo One Size Fits All

One size fits all

Do you want to build a production grade Big Data Processing cluster with thousands of nodes in the cloud and use it to analyze the internet ?

Or do you want to build a small AI laboratory on your own laptop to develop for your Data Science Research ?

Eskimo is made for you in these both cases, and many others.

Eskimo Lightweight

Lightweight in DNA

MapR, Hortonworks, Cloudera and every other hadoop based Big Data Platforms are Behemoths.

Eskimo leverages on gluster, mesos, spark, elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, Zeppelin, etc. - simple and extremely lightweight components that have a broad use cases coverage while simplifying administration, operation and usage compared to a full hadoop stack.

Eskimo Open Platform

Open platform extensible and customizable

Eskimo works out of the box. Yet, Eskimo is not a black box, it’s an open platform. One can fine tune and adapt everything exactly as desired : from the docker containers building to the services setup on the platform.

Want to leverage on eskimo to integrate other services such as Apache Storm or Cassandra ? Declare your own services and import your own containers, built it as you like!

Eskimo Universal 2

Universal Platform

Eskimo is exhaustively built on top of Docker.

Only mesos agents need to be compiled and adapted to the host linux OS running your cluster nodes.
All the other components - from kafka to zeppelin through spark - run on docker

Eskimo is successfully tested on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora nodes so far ... more are coming.

Eskimo Simplicity

Simplicity as a core value

Eskimo leverages on simple approaches and technologies.

No fancy scripting language, just plain old shell scripts.
No fancy container management middleware, just plain old docker and systemd.

Eskimo doesn’t require you to learn anything else than Linux standard tools.

Eskimo Cloud Ready

Cloud Friendly

Build your own Big Data Cloud

Eskimo is VM friendly.
You have a bunch of VMs somewhere on Amazon or google cloud ?
Deploy Eskimo and make it a state of the art big data 2.0 cluster, your way, not amazon or google's predefined, fixed and constraining way

Choose your services and let eskimo take care of everything