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Eskimo Demo VM

The Eskimo Demo VM is a Virtual Machine Export (OVA format) packaging Eskimo Community Edition all setup and running along with all eskimo services - Flink, Kafka, Spark, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash, Zeppelin, Gluster, etc. - pre-configured, up and running.

The Eskimo Demo VM is intended as a near-production-ready setup of Eskimo on a single node machine aimed at showcasing Eskimo's abilities.

Eskimo Demo VM

Import the OVA file into VirtualBox or VMWare and run the VM.


  • Start your VM and then reach http://your.vm.ip.address/ to access Eskimo
  • (Login into system with credentials vagrant / vagrant and use /sbin/ifconfig to find out about your IP - default IP address should be
  • Eskimo credentials: admin / password
  • VM system (OS) credentials: vagrant / vagrant

Download DemoVM

This Demo VM is provided for functionalities and abilities demonstration purposes and without any warranty of any kind. Please refere to Eskimo Community Edition License